3 Reasons the UGLY GIRL Keeps a Man.


“We must believe in luck. How else can we explain the success of those we don’t like?”

Jean Cocteau

Does it seem as if no matter how hard you try, you can‘t seem to get a man?

Yet the girl you feel is unworthy always has one?

It is a harsh reality that most won’t admit, but at some point, women have been jealous of a girl that have been considered ugly, or less than attractive.

They have all wondered “what does she have that I don’t have?” Or “what the heck is she doing with a guy like him?”

Is love really blind or is there is an art to getting a man and keeping a man?

Here are 3 reasons why the “ugly” girl may be lucky in love.

1) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

Now just because she is unattractive to you, doesn’t mean that he feels the same.

Everyone wants to be with someone who appeals to their taste; however not everyone has the same taste.

Maybe he sees something that you can’t see on the surface, such as a generous heart or the courage to try new things.

Chances are she’s met a guy who knows that beauty is only skin deep.

Whatever the reason, you better believe it’s not based merely on her looks.


2) She makes him feel like “the man.”


Let’s face it.

Some women know how to make their men feel strong and manly, while others insist on being independent for fear of appearing weak and vulnerable.

Simply put, men need to feel needed.

They want to be crowned as the hero who saves you from life’s calamities.

It doesn’t make you weak to depend on him for certain things; it actually makes you stronger to submit to his masculinity.

It’s okay to wait on him to get your door, pay for dinner, or kill a spider.

He was wired for that. Sure, you could do those things for yourself but why not give the job to someone who wants to assert his purpose in your life.

Besides, you have better things to do.

3) She is low maintenance….

As much as men enjoy looking at a woman who is well put together from head to toe, they dread the amount of time, money and energy that goes into the package.

Occasionally, they want the freedom to take their lady bike riding, swimming, or hiking without her constantly worrying about her hair.

A low maintenance woman doesn’t necessarily rely on her looks to keep her man interested.

She knows that her laid-back, fun loving personality can be just as important to him.

She feels like his cover girl whether she’s wearing makeup or not.

Writer: Peculiar BloGGer©


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