TITLE – I have Seen Evil





I used to dream of Poetry

Now I dream of going to a Place where Death don’t exist


Cause this life is scam like the Police,

we call it beautiful but think about how many people have been called to Glory


And not even with Cell phones,

Some have been victims of Accidents,

While others Sickness

Some have died from poverty

While others have been victims of Religious Violence


But it doesn’t matter how you die mate.

What matters is where you go after the angels open the Book of Life and decide your fate.


Now I am alone in a bar

Thinking about my life and how the world will end.


Cause these days it is even more dangerous to be a Christian

When these rebels kidnap you and ask you to deny your faith`


And when you fail, the knife goes for your neck until your head falls on a plate`


See bro, we live with our enemies.`

And invisibly, they build enemy camps around us like Refugees`


I used to be scared of going to church cause of the Suicide Bombings.`


Now I am scared of going to church cause the preacher makes me sick with his Warnings`


Warning about the end time from half the Clock.

Warning about the spirit of the Antichrist that now peripatetically walks around the world`


Blood on the Projector.

From my deck, I sneeze and run my eyes and sockets over the Pastor

Wondering why he always talks about death.


He says even if we get strapped with Meths,

We can’t afford to deny Christ and end up in Hell.


They show us a Video of how the CAN chairman was murdered.

And tell us evil is not far from us unless God comes and put an Asunder.


I am so scared, I shouldn’t have been alive to witness this hatred.

In a wicked world filled with maIice and hate, i shouldn’t have been the first spermatozoa to fertilize my mama’s egg😪


At times it seems I am cursed to live😪

That means I am hanging myself by living.

Tupac once said, There have to be a place better than this in heaven`


So right now before I sleep

Dear God I am asking,

Remember this Face,

Save me a place in Heaven🙏🏼



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