Tips on how to promote music as an upcoming artist

On this article we will be giving you some tips on how to promote your music with little or zero cost and some links to related articles, let’s get started with tips on how to promote music as an upcoming artist.

Many people don’t know what is music marketing, even some bloggers just copy and paste articles without researching on what to publish, but today I will be putting you through.

What is Music Marketing?

To me as a blogger, I will say Music Marketing is a strategy/method of reaching out to new audience either to promote or give update about a new product or services.

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There are 2 different ways of promoting Music:-

1. Online Method

2. Offline Methods

  • Online method: Millions of people are active online daily with the aim to learn about new stuff and also download new music.

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Another way is to mingle with bloggers in your niche, social media influencers and social media users with high followers.

  • Offline method: This method is also effective in terms of meeting people, because you can easily work out to your friends and send your music to them by collecting their WhatsApp Facebook, Instagram and other social media handles which you can send your music to them.

As an upcoming artist striving for more fame, please make your song available for free download, It’s very important.

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Meet with music dj’s to add your song to their monthly mixtape, meet with event organizers and also do much of freestyles.

Note: Paid music promotion is better to reach new audience than free ways according to statistics.

There are music platforms that charge less from Artist to put your song on their platform.

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